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I recently came across these photographs, which were taken at the recording of Psonic Psunspot in May 1987. The record was made at Sawmill Studios near Fowey in Cornwall, surely one of the most fantastic places on God's earth. The studio is situated on an estuary just east of St Austell bay and the only way to get the instruments, amps, etc to the studios is by boat. Luckily the Dukes didn't have to take too much gear - maybe six boatloads!
Sawmill Studios - click to enlarge
Sawmill Studios in Cornwall

The record was produced by the wonderful John Leckie, who managed to get a very authentic 60's sound overall. However, to get a true 60's sound you have to use authentic instruments, and we did. For example, my drums were made in 1964, and most of the cymbals were also 60's examples. As you know, Dave has a vast collection of guitars, and those used on the record were from the appropriate period. The photo shows him with a Rickenbacker which I think he acquired shortly before these sessions. You can hear this one to good effect on Vanishing Girl

As you might imagine, recording with the Dukes was an immensely enjoyable experience, as it is a "laugh a minute" when Andy gets going. I just wish I had been given more time to prepare. Imagine it - no demos, no rehearsals, no charts - just "be at the studio with your drums and let's see what we can do" - thanks guys! I think the record was made in less than three weeks, and my parts in about four days.

Dave was the mastermind behind the "effects", and we had a lot of fun choosing which samples to use. The children who read the links were the daughters of the studio owners, and their voices were just perfect for the whole vibe - I wonder what they think now?

E.I.E.I. Owen - July 2000

E.I.E.I. Owen - click to enlarge
E.I.E.I. Owen

Lord Cornelius Plum - click to enlarge
Lord Cornelius Plum
Sir John Johns - click to enlarge
Sir John Johns

The Red Curtain - click to enlarge
The Red Curtain