The Hi-Fidels with Dave at The Victoria, Swindon 11th December 2008
Dan & Dave reelin'
Photo by Carol Warren
Bend it like Beckham
Photo by Carol Warren

It was a joy to join my friends Dan, Doug and Mark for a short but inspired set of songs, of the type not usually covered by your average gigging band. To wit:

Though gatecrashing the Hi-Fidels gig, this does mark the first public appearance of the Tin Spirits, which will continue rehearsing in preparation for more serious gigs in the New Year. I like to think of this as being a Tribute band, but one not confined to any one artist or band. We'll be a Tribute Sampler act! With a helping of XTC songs into the bargain… and might I add that the Hi-Fi's rendition of Towers Of London was as good as I've ever heard it. There was no way we could follow it…

Have a very happy Christmas, I'll see you on-line in 2009.

[Apologies for the tardiness in posting this information; not Dave's fault at all. - The Webmaster]

The Tin Spirits—Dan, Doug, Dave, & Mark
Photo by Kev Denley