Discography - Others
Keiichi Suzuki: Original Sound Tracks - The Music Cd CD
First Smile Ent/Pony Canyon Japan FSCA1001320/08/97
Written & produced for use with a video game. All have titles but they're in Japanese!
Tracks 2,6,10,11,12,13,23,24,25guitar parts04/97
Track 3string quartet arrangement04/97
Various Artists: Lullabies With A Difference CDBMG UK 74321 63497212/98
Sarah Randle: Willowacoustic & electric guitars30/07/98
Louis Philippe: Azure CDXIII BIS France 18993203/99
Your Life2 guitars08/04/98
When Georgie Diedacoustic guitar08/04/98
An Ordinary Girlacoustic guitar08/04/98
Mitch Friedman: The Importance Of Sauce CDPrivate pressing05/99
The Importance Of Sauce is still available! Write to the artist at mitchf@mindspring.com
Simplification3 guitars09/98
R. Stevie Moore CDsPrivate Pressing08/99
5 different versions with extra contributions from Roger Ferguson and Billy Anderson. Available at www.rsteviemoore.com
Dates4 guitars, bass, drum prgrm, backing vocals03/99
Polar Aim: Diaries Of Well Known Women CDChristel Deesk UK CDC00309/99
Pillselectric guitars17/12/98
Cathal Coughlan: Black River Falls CDCooking Vinyl COOKCD 12603/00
Sessions for Ex-Microdisney and Fatima Mansions singer/songwriter recording solo album.
Some of the best music I've worked on outside XTC !
Out Among The Ruinsacoustic & electric guitars, 6-string bass05-07/07/99
Frankfurt Cowboy Yodelelectric guitars, 6-string bass05-07/07/99
N.C.acoustic & electric guitars, 6-string bass05-07/07/99
Cast Me Out In My Home Townelectric guitars05-07/07/99
Dark Parlourelectric guitars05-07/07/99
Whitechapel Moundnylon acoustic guitars, electric guitar05-07/07/99
Officer Materialacoustic, nylon acoustic & electric guitar05-07/07/99
Black River Falls6-string bass05-07/07/99
God Bless Mr. X6-string bass05-07/07/99
Lyle Workman: Tabula Rasa CDkscope SMACD82705/00
DG overdubs recorded at home in Swindon and air-mailed to producer Lyle Workman. Available from www.guitar9.com
The Great Racestring arrangement and synths08/94
HaLo: Blue CDToera (Japan) TEAF-1 (TGCS 957)08/00
Recorded at Sound Suite, Camden. HaLo is Japanese artist Ayako Hirakata. Producer: Louis Philippe
Yasahii Hikali (Sweet Halo)acoustic guitar and el. 12-string24/02/99
HaLo: Yellow CDToera (Japan) TEAF-3 (TGCS 1861)04/01
Recorded at Christchurch studios in Bristol. HaLo is Japanese artist Ayako Hirakata. Producer: Satoru Fujii
visit HaLo's bi-lingual website @ http://www.five-d.co.jp/HaLo
Thinsagu-nu Lana (The Flower Of Balsam)guitars and arrangement26/11/00
Mitch Friedman - The Importance Of Sauce
Mitch Friedman
The Importance Of Sauce

Gregory/Moore - Dates
Gregory/Moore Dates

Cathal Coughlan - Black River Falls
Cathal Coughlan Black River Falls