Discography - Others
Bingo Durango: Coming Down CDs Jarmusic JAR-047 2002-09
Available from www.jarmusic.com
Danger Piano, electric and E-Bow guitars, Mellotron 2000-04
But I Hammond, chiming gtr., string sampler 2000-05
Still Life Slide guitar, piano, Mellotron 2000-04
Teenage Gunman Guitar 2000-05
Porcupine Tree: In Absentia CD Lava/WEA International 83604-2 2002-09
.3 string arrangement 2002-04-18
Collapse The Light Into Earth string arrangement 2002-04-18
Louis Philippe: My Favourite Part Of You CD XIII BIS Records 6402962 2003-03
My Favourite Part Of You 3 electric guitars 2001-08-12
Big Bear Guitar, baritone guitar 2001-08-12
Boxing Clever Electric and acoustic guitars 2001-08-12
Various Artists: The Wish List CD MS Society UK 2003-11
Order at www.mssociety.org.uk
The Dukes Of Stratosphear
Open A Can (Of Human Beans) Mellotron, treated synth. piano, electric sitar 2003-05-09
The Shadow Kabinet
It's Alright all instruments 2003-03
Steve Hogarth & h-Band
The Evening Shadows (live) Rickenbacker 360 2001-08-08
Lulu: Back On Track CD Mercury 9866136 2004-03
Yeah, Now You Love Me electric and slide guitars 2003-08-26
David Longdon & the Magic Club: Wild River CD 2004-09
Order at www.davidlongdon.com
Honey Trap electric guitars, Mellotron 2000-02
About Time Mellotron 2000-02
Falling Down guitar solo, Mellotron 2000-02
Mitch Friedman: Purple Burt CD 2005-03
Order at www.mitchfriedman.com
Color Feel piano, guitars, Mellotron, bass, synth, vibes, harpsichord and percussion 2004-08
Pugwash: Jollity CD 1969 Records Ltd. NICE 003 2005-11
I Want You Back In My Life (For Mam) piano, string arrangement 2004-04-07
A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds string arrangement 2004-04-07
Black Dog E-bow slide & electric guitars 2004-07
Poles Together piano, electric & E-bow guitars, electric sitar, Mellotron 2004-07
Even I electric slide sitar, electric guitar 2004-07
Something New electric 12-string guitar, pipe organ 2004-07
Lullaby #1 Mellotron flutes 2004-07
Pugwash and friends: Tinsel And Marzipan CD 1969 Records Ltd. 2006-11
Tinsel And Marzipan electric guitar 2006-09-28
Pugwash: Eleven Modern Antiquities CD 1969 Records Ltd. NICE 004 2008-03
Cluster Bomb piano, string arrangement 2007-06
Here guitar solo, string arrangement 2007-06
davejamesofswindon: Willing And Able CD Redbrick Records 0005 2008-08
Available from www.redbrickrecords.co.uk 2008-11-03 (single available 2008-10-06)
Willing And Able electric guitar; baritone guitar 2006-07-12
Mitch Friedman: Game Show Teeth CD MeechMusic 2008-12
Order at www.mitchfriedman.com
The Man That Talked Too Much electric guitars, bass, and wah-wah guitar 2008-07