Discography - Xtc
The Greatest CD Virgin/Toshiba-EMI Japan VJCP-51047 28/03/98
featured on 16 of the 18 tracks, all previously listed
this compilation includes live versions of This Is Pop? and Are You Receiving Me?, (20/7/79) and Living Through Another Cuba/Generals And Majors (12/10/80) - their only appearance to date on CD
Transistor Blast 4 x CD Cooking Vinyl UK COOKCD152 11/98
disc 3: not featured disc 4: Live In Concert @ Hammersmith Palais 1980 (listed here)
discs 1 & 2: studio sessions as previously listed for Drums & Wireless plus:
Life Begins At The Hopguitar21/05/79
Garden Of Earthly Delights2 guitars, drum programming16/03/89
When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty2 guitars21/05/79
Another Satellite (BBC version)synth, programming, backing vocals22/02/87
The Meeting Placepiano, synth, drum programming22/02/87
Snowmanguitar, tambourine14/01/82
Making Plans For Nigelguitar21/05/79
This World Over (7" single version!)synth, piano, guitar07/84
Apple Venus Vol.1 LP Idea Records/Cooking Vinyl COOKCD172 22/02/99
Easter TheatreMellotron, acoustic guitar, keyboard programming03/98
Frivolous Tonightpiano, synths, Mellotron, backing vocals03/98
Greenmankeyboard programming, synth03/98
Your Dictionarypiano, cello charts03/98
I Can't Own Herpiano, synths03/98
Harvest Festivalpiano03/98
Fruit Nutsynths, acoustic & electric guitars, organ,Mellotron03/98
Easter Theatre CDs Idea Records/Cooking Vinyl FRYCD80 05/04/99
Easter TheatreMellotron, acoustic guitar, keyboard programming04/98
Coat Of Many Cupboards 4 x CD Virgin XTCBOX 1 25/03/02
DG can be heard on 36 of the 62 tracks. See booklet for details!
Andy Partridge: Fuzzy Warbles - The Demo Archives Volume 1 CD
 Ape House APE CD00111/02
That Wagguitar06/08/91
EPNSecho effects (engineer only!)03/81
Summer Hot As Thisrhythm guitar, bass07/02/84
Andy Partridge: Fuzzy Warbles - The Demo Archives Volume 2 CD
 Ape House APE CD00211/02
Ra Ra Rehearsal piano06/85
Chain Of Commandguitar, backing vocals 03/79
Summer's Cauldronrhythm guitar, synth, drum prgrm.01/86
Andy Partridge: Fuzzy Warbles - The Demo Archives Volume 3 CD
 Ape House APE CD00306/03
Strawberry Fields ForeverAll instruments, backing vox, producer09/85
see Through The Looking Glass: 1967
Andy Partridge: Fuzzy Warbles - The Demo Archives Volume 4 CD
 Ape House APE CD00406/03
Mechanical Planetdrum programming, guitar synth, noodling10/83
Helicopterguitar, backing vox03/79
Andy Partridge: Fuzzy Warbles - The Demo Archives Collectors’ Box/“Hinges” bonus disc CD
 Ape House APEBOX 00109/06
Shake You Donkey Upriff guitar, rec. engineer06/02/84
The Greatest
The Greatest

Transistor Blast
Transistor Blast

Apple Venus Volume 1
Apple Venus Volume 1

Easter Theatre
Easter Theatre