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The group folded before the year was out, but early in 1968 Joe (Alan) and I teamed up with my best friend from school, Richard Adams, who had a brand new kit of Premier drums; we formed the Target. Finding a singer was a problem; joined briefly by Jim Egan, then Rod Sheppard, both Commonweal pupils.

We continued playing local youth clubs and church halls, learning by the seat of our pants. Changed the name to Pink Warmth late 1968; around this time I first met Andy Partridge at St Peter's Church youth club in Penhill. My paper rounds and Saturday job at British Home Stores in Swindon funded my new equipment.

I was forced to knock it on the head in order to concentrate on O'Level exams in early 1969; Joe and I couldn't rest so we teamed up with drummer Tony Climpson in Purton and formed a blues trio, Catfish. Soon joined by Terry Jackson, who lived down the lane from me, who bought a van, looked after the gear and hustled gigs for us; and Rod Sheppard as vocalist.

I was diagnosed diabetic in June 1969, following about eighteen months of poor health where my weight refused to gain above about 120 lbs. Left Commonweal in July and went to work as a progress clerk in a factory in Malmesbury, where I stayed until 1976. Gigs improved slightly during 1969/70; changed name to Orange; played a few Monday nights at McIlroy's ballroom in Swindon and the occasional warm-up spot at the College.

St.Peter's Church, Penhill
St.Peter's Church, Penhill (click to enlarge)


Catfish (click to enlarge)