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We decided to form a band together with the bass player from his old group Skin Deep – Tony Green – and former Six Left Feet drummer Tony McCondach. The lead singer problem was solved with the arrival of "Rustic" Rod Goodway, formerly of the Pack, latterly of Magic Muscle - Alehouse made its debut at the Brunel Rooms Amphitheatre on 26th February 1974, a twin-guitar rock/blues band with a penchant for Steely Dan covers.

We made our TV debut on Swindon Cable channel Viewpoint in May. Marshall 100-watt amp head added June 1974 – WAY too loud – I sold it 3 months later and replaced it with a 30-watt 1962 Fender Tremolux piggy-back amp, which I use today with my Fender 6-string bass. '61 Stratocaster traded for new stock Telecaster November 1974.

A handful of original songs finally gained Alehouse a recording test for EMI (late 1975) but nothing developed (we were not ready) and the gigs slowly dried up.

Gogmagog gig - click to enlarge
Gogmagog gig
Redundancy at work May 1976 coincided with "professional" offer from Forest Of Dean prog-rockers Profile; sadly bade Alehouse farewell and threw in my lot with Jim Leech (Hammond) and Sam Heaps (drums); stayed a year and played just 5 gigs as Gogmagog; returned to Purton, skint.

Took a job with White Arrow parcels service July 1977, delivering mail-order door-to-door.

At home in Purton
At home in Purton, August 1973. Photo by Ian Gregory