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at Ishibashi music store, Shibuya, Tokyo
Glumly checking out prices on vintage stock
September 1994. Photo by Hiroko Uehara
When Gregory isn't working with XTC or involved in one of his outside projects, what does he do? Take a wild guess. "People have asked me what I do for fun," says Gregory, "I listen to music or I play my guitar, you know, what do you want me to do?"

He enjoys guitars so much that he's got about 30 of them residing in his spare bedroom. Chances are, he's in there right now, plunking away on one.

"I just have a fascination with vintage guitars," he explains. "They're getting very, very expensive now and I can't really afford to collect them anymore, not that I've got any room to put them anywhere. They all have a certain personality that I like. Every time I think of selling a couple, I pick them up and suddenly remember why I bought them. I do have a serious weakness for them."

If you have a weakness for music and think maybe you'd like to play professionally, Gregory is happy to offer his formula for success.

"Just keep doing it. Even if you don't make it, just have as much fun as you can trying to make it, because I think most of the fun comes while you're still hungry and you're going for something. Don't worry too much about commercial success. In terms of the quality of life, it's all down to having as much fun as you can."